Winter is long over and spring is pretty much too. That means it is once again time to unburden myself of a few pictures for posterity’s sake.

Sentier des Crêtes – winter and spring

The view of winter in the pictures below might appear rather gloomy, and I can confirm that is exactly what it looked like here for several months straight. But seasons pass and now we are experiencing the flip side of the coin. Whatever vitamin D we might have been lacking was certainly more than made up for already by June, and if clouds make an appearance anymore at all they usually just herald a brief passing storm, the fruits of which instantly vaporize and increase the general humidity.

During the winter months I was witness to no small number of mournful diatribes on the subject of le mauvais temps (dreadful weather). I don’t think I know anyone who isn’t delighted now that the heat has returned; I have even seen a few French people crack a smile once or twice. Summer is the time for vacations, poets, lovers, picnic-goers, and general gaiety; anyway so it was apparently decreed a long time ago by somebody.

I alone seemingly still harbor a few secret nostalgic longings for the invigorating breezes of December, as I sit here in my 90 degree apartment. That is still scarf weather for the French, and my barber today was wearing a beanie cap. But I am literally melting.

Thus, and until fall returns, I intend to warm (cool) my heart by looking back on these cheerful photos.

Annecy with La Mandallaz in the background
Passage de l’Île
Le Pâquier d’Annecy
Basilique de la Visitation
Volleyball at Pâquier
Mont Blanc
Crêt des Mouches
Château d’Héré
Storm from the north
River Thiou, Pont Perrière, and the Palais de I’Île