“I waited three months and all I got was a few pictures?!” That is unfortunately what you will be thinking when you finish reading this post, which will happen in about five more seconds. For even though I have struggled to think of something interesting to write about, little has so far presented itself. My daily routine consists of nothing very exceptional apart from my surroundings, which are of course both astounding and indescribable. Life has settled into a rhythm of mundane and common things, all very peaceful for me but not very exciting to recount to you. Since my arrival in October I haven’t so much as set foot in the train station, nor yet left my small town. Exploring and sight-seeing, activities which last time led me to many thoughts and musings, are not at present very practical given the winter weather and all the multitude of complications related to la crise sanitaire.

So a few pictures will for now have to suffice. But we have also begun a new year, and who knows what it might bring by the end. At the very least I hope it will bring a few blog posts better than this one.

Chanteloup antenna with Parmelan in the background
La Tournette
Panoramique Grande Jeanne
La Tournette from Jardins de l’Europe
Château d’Annecy
Marché de Noël
Préfecture de la Haute-Savoie
Snow on the Route du Semnoz
Aix-les-Bains under the clouds, as (not) seen from Semnoz
The moon over La Tournette