There isn’t much to say about the goings on here in Edinburgh, since not much is going on. We are now authorized by the government to stay 2 meters away from each other, but most people seems to be following the self-hibernation guidelines so the out-of-doors are basically abandoned. I can walk from my apartment up to the castle and hear nothing but my footsteps and see no one but the occasional jogger.

The first few weeks here in Edinburgh – back during that ancient epoch of normality – I found it quite stressful to cross the street but now the street lights change from red to green and back again for no one’s benefit but the wind, and like the wind I ignore them. If I want to walk down the middle of the street I can do that too, most places.

Since there is nothing to talk about, I will instead put up some pictures of random street paintings that I collected wandering around France. Half of France is covered in graffiti but I also often saw some very talented (if unusual) street art. I should have taken more pictures but I didn’t really think to do a collection until the end of my time there, but this is a representative sample.

Rue des Trois Cailloux, Amiens
Rue du Père Adam, Rouen
Rue de la Croix Verte, Rouen
Rue Cortot, near Sacré-Cœur on Montmartre, Paris – see more by Aydar here
Rue de l’Île de Corse, Nancy
And one from Scotland – Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh